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One of the most effective cardio and strength machines ever.

CLMBR offers a unique combination of high-intensity cardio, resistance strength training, (resistance, strength training), and connected technology. CLMBR leverages your natural, upright body position to focus on precision strength and cardio efficiency – without putting tension on your joints. Our (CLMBR’s) unique programming methodology leverages a combination of strength and endurance. Each workout provides benchmarks and achievements, pushing you to climb higher.

  • Membership Program: CLMBRConnected
  • Product Length: 34 inches
  • Product Width: 33 inches
  • Product Height: 88 inches
  • Product Weight: 190 pounds
  • Color: Black

Zero Impact

CLMBR supports the natural primal movement of the body and supports a neutral spinal alignment while resisting form degradation as you fatigue. The no-impact postural motion is perfect for all ages, sizes, fitness levels, and abilities making it the perfect workout for nearly everyone.

Superior Cardio + Strength

The combination of cardio and strength in a single workout allows you to achieve more in less time. With an ever-growing library of strength and conditioning classes and programming, you can utilize CLMBR daily without worrying about wear and tear to your body.

Small Footprint + Mobile

CLMBR’s base sits under 33 sq. in. and stands only 7’4″ tall, making it one of the smallest fitness product footprints and perfect for almost any space. The wheels allow for easy movement and stability within the U-shaped design, providing no need to bolt the machine down.

Interactive Community

Find friends, track progress, and participate in community challenges to stay engaged and motivated. CLMBR can guide you on a new fitness journey or fit seamlessly into your existing routine.


With a unique combination of high-intensity cardio and resistance strength training, you can activate over 86% of your muscles in a single workout while increasing your caloric burn in less time.