3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill


The 3G Cardio Pro Runner is the perfect treadmill for those who want quality but also need to conserve space.

8 Built In Programs

With eight pre-programmed exercises, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s walking or running, a steady pace or intervals, flat or hills, the 3G Cardio workouts will get you where you want to go.

2 Custom Programs

Tailor individual workouts to reach you goals and save them with our custom program option. Walk, run or perform intervals.

Treadmill Belt Size 20.5″ x 58″

The marathon treadmill, high-end Ortho Shock treadmill belt gives you plenty of room to run on, but the overall footprint is just 74” x 35”. It’s a Folding Treadmill that can easily be put away for storage.

Assembled Dimensions: 74” L x  35” W x 58.5″ H

The 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill is an award-winning machine that doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s the top fold-up treadmill on the market and the best one to run on. It’s a marathon treadmill, high-end machine, but the overall footprint measures just 74” x 35”.

Step Up Height (Floor to top of Treadmill belt)


Machine Weight

216 Lbs

Folded Dimensions

40″ L x 35″ W x 65” H

If you are tight on space and still want a treadmill, the 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill will help you get a great workout. The Pro Runner is actually small enough to fold up and store in the corner of a room with a 40” x 35” dimension without having to disassemble. Built solid like a tank, but made to conserve space, the 3G Cardio Pro Runner is one of the only fold-up treadmills available that will support serious runners.

Gerkin / Cooper / BMI Fitness Tests

Evaluate your fitness level and performance with these great tests that have become the industry standard.

Hi/Low Built In Fan

Customize your workouts and stay as cool as possible with the hi-low fan.

One-Touch Speed

With one-touch speed settings and the ability to customize your own workouts, you will never become bored or overwhelmed when it comes to your programming options.

One-Touch Incline: 0 to 15 levels

With one-touch incline settings, you can easily and smoothly change up your workout in a hurry.

3.0 HP Motor Lifetime Warranty

The high-powered HP motors are the real deal, but just as importantly the engine’s high quality torque provides as smooth a run as many leading commercial treadmills. You can comfortably incline the treadmill and still run at top speeds.

350LB Max User Weight

The high-powered HP 3.0 motor and top quality parts allow users who weigh up to 350 pounds to comfortably use this 3G Cardio treadmill.

Residential / Home Warranty

  • Drive Motor Lifetime – Get peace of mind with our lifetime in-home motor warranty.
  • Frame Lifetime – Get peace of mind with our lifetime in-home frame warranty.
  • Parts 5 Years – 3G Cardio stands behind its quality machines. If anything goes wrong with parts on your Pro Runner machine, it will be covered for 5 years under our home warranty.
  • Labor 1 Year – Get further peace of mind with our one-year labor warranty.

Space Saving Design For Runners

The 3G Cardio Pro Runner is the perfect treadmill for those who want quality but also need to conserve space. While there are many folding treadmills on the market today, the Pro Runner Treadmill offers users the unique ability to have a high quality and space saving treadmill all in one! Most folding treadmills lack the quality needed to run at higher speeds or longer distances but that is not the case with the Pro Runner Treadmil

Heart Rate Interactive

  • Optional Wireless Chest Belt
  • With a built in Heart Rate Interactive Pulse Monitor and an Optional Wireless HR Chest Belt, your Pro Runner is ready to check your pulse as you keep the pace. Simply grab the console grips and find out if you’re at your target heart rate.

Orthopedic Belt

  • Generous Size, Amazing Feel
  • Our Orthopedic Belt will get you moving with it’s large 20.5″ x 58″ running space. Combine the comfort of our belt with the 3.0 HP motor and 2″ rollers and you’ve got a treadmill that will keep up with all your workouts.

Plenty Of Horses Under The Hood

  • Pro Runner Gets Up and Goes at 3.0 Horsepower
  • 3.0 HP Motor Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Residential Drive Motor

  • 5 Years Parts Warranty
  • 2 Inch Roller
  • 20.5 Inch x 58 Inch Orthopedic Belt
  • 350 LB Max User Weight